Research in South Australia

Human Research and Ethics Committee (HREC)

The aim of ethical review is to ensure that high ethical standards are maintained in research projects conducted at Calvary Health Care South Australia, to protect the interests of research subjects, investigators and the institution. In carrying out these functions, the HREC, at all times, takes into consideration guidelines issued by the NHMRC together with the teaching of the Catholic Church and local cultural and social attitudes.

As of 08 Dec 2020, the ethical review of new and existing proposals will be provided by the Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC) of St Vincent’s Hospital, Melbourne (SVHM).

For proposals already approved, we will continue to work with you to ensure complete transfer of oversight to SVHM HREC.

Process for Research Review

Initial Review (projects requiring full and expedited review)

The current process for research activity approval and conduct at any Calvary hospital in SA is as follows:

Step 1.
Prior to submission to the HREC of SVHM, researchers must complete the CHCA Research Governance Form A and submit it to the CHCA designated Research Governance Officer for endorsement of the research proposal to be undertaken. If the research proposal is endorsed, an endorsement letter will be provided to the researcher. This endorsement letter must be submitted to the HREC of SVHM, along with the other documents required for HREC submission.

Step 2.
Refer to the SVHM HREC for details about HREC submissions. The above referenced endorsement letter must also be provided to SVHM HREC.
SVHM HREC also has a Valet Service, which includes full HREC submission preparation and liaison throughout the submission and approval process.  This service provides researchers a smooth start up with a highly competitive timeline to gain ethics approval.
NOTE: a fee is applicable for HREC review by the SVHM HREC and for the Valet Service.

Step 3.
Once HREC approval has been granted by SVHM HREC, the researcher must complete the CHCA Research Governance Form B and submit to the Research Governance Officer, along with all applicable documents as listed on the form. If governance approval is granted, the RGO will facilitate signing of Clinical Trial Agreements and indemnities, and will provide researchers with a Governance approval letter.  The RGO will also notify the SVHM HREC that Governance approval has been granted.
NOTE: a fee is applicable for governance review as noted on the CHCA Research Governance Submission Form – Part B.

Protocol amendments/updated informed consent documents

Please refer to the SVHM HREC for details about HREC submission of protocol amendments

Annual Reporting and Safety Reporting

Please refer to the SVHM HREC for details about the submission of annual reports, final reports and safety reporting


Complaints or concerns about the conduct of an approved research project should be directed to the SVHM HREC or the Research Governance Officer