Patient Experience

Calvary supports a culture of open and transparent partnership with consumers and the community.


Patient Experience Surveys

Calvary is committed to learning from feedback and improving the care and experience of our patients, residents and clients. One measure is the patient experience survey used in our private hospitals.

Patient experience surveys were completed using the Australian Patient Experience Question Set, created by the Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care, in Calvary’s 10 private hospitals.

These questions, combined with Calvary’s own, provides us with rich information on the experience of patients and helps us identify areas where our services could be improved.

Like safety data, our patient experience data is showing positive trends.

Calvary’s net promoter score (NPS) has been exceptional for the 2019-20 period. Almost 24,000 surveys were returned from eligible sites. These revealed:

  • An average NPS at 84.9% during 19/20
  • In May 2020 the highest NPS score was achieved at 89.5%
  • 98% of respondents said they were treated with respect and dignity (always 92% and mostly 6%)
  • 97% said their treatment was very good (89%) or good (8%).

*Private Hospitals, Kogarah and Bethlehem Hospitals


Survey Highlights


Understanding My Healthcare Rights: a guide for consumers

The Australian Charter of Healthcare Rights (the Charter) explains what you or someone you care for can expect when receiving health care.

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