Clinical governance framework

Reliable, safe and effective care

Calvary is committed to delivering excellence in care and providing the highest possible levels of patient, resident and client safety. The Calvary Clinical Governance Framework sets out the key structures, systems and processes that enable organisation wide accountability.

The Framework and focus of our clinical governance systems is to ensure excellence across the continuum of care for our patients, residents and clients.

The Framework is comprised of five key areas:


  1. Leadership and Culture

High-quality healthcare requires engaged clinicians and patients. Visible, accountable and purposeful leadership at all levels of a service is required to cultivate an inclusive and just culture that will make engagement a reality. A strong organisational culture is required to support leaders and staff to create and maintain high-quality care.


2. Consumer Partnership

At Calvary, an outstanding patient, resident and client experience is underpinned by a genuine commitment to partner with our consumers to enable us to understand and meet their needs, expectations and wishes. Central to this partnership is involving our consumers in their care decisions and the planning, design and evaluation of our care and services.

We include consumers in key organisational governance committees at both local and national levels to benefit from their input and feedback in areas such as safety, facility design and quality improvement.


3. Workforce

An engaged and appropriately skilled workforce is central to the delivery of safe care and achieving excellent clinical and care outcomes at Calvary. The Calvary workforce is comprised of staff who are employed by the organisation, together with medical practitioners and allied health practitioners, with whom we partner in caring for our patients.


4. Risk Management

Minimising and safeguarding against clinical risk requires a structured approach to safety that is both proactive and reactive. Clinical risk management strategies and processes are integrated with broader governance within Calvary to identify, monitor, review and mitigate risk.


5. Clinical Practice

All services maintain the appropriate operating licenses against relevant service standards. Calvary uses evidence based guidelines to inform and direct the delivery of care and reduce unwarranted care variation. Data and analytics are used to develop a comprehensive understanding of our clinical performance and to inform opportunities for continuous system, process and practice improvement. We transparently monitor performance against meaningful key performance indicators and targets, cascading through all levels of the organisation.