Work experience in SA



Calvary South Australia is committed to its mission of “being for others”, and we strive to support those who are considering a career within the healthcare sector.

A structured student work placement has the potential to introduce a student to the experiences of the ‘world of work’. Participating in such a program can increase current knowledge and deepen an existing understanding of an industry role allowing exploration of career opportunities. A well-organised, structured workplace experience will help to develop new and existing skills and allow preparation for lifelong learning in a changing and challenging health environment.

At Calvary South Australia, we know there are a many things to consider when organising a work experience placement. To be successful, it should be well planned with a schedule, varying support mechanisms, and an allocated and suitable mentor and be aligned to the work experience person’s existing skills and attributes.

As an employer and work experience host, Calvary South Australia must be mindful of the associated administrative and legal requirements, such as the completion of work experience placement and evaluation forms, hold the relevant insurance cover, and ensure that health and safety, risk management and privacy policies are in place.

Understanding what it takes to create such a professional program, Calvary South Australia is planning to introduce a first class, high value work experience program in 2024. Until then, Calvary South Australia will not accept any current work experience intakes, instead dedicating the last half of 2023 to develop and implement a fundamental program that will be well sought after and continue with Calvary’s inclusive commitment of “Everyone is welcome. You matter. We care about you.”

Applications for the 2024 school year will open 4 March 2024.

Enquiries can be made to: [email protected]