Maternity Services

Calvary Public Hospital Bruce is committed to meeting your family’s individual needs during your pregnancy, birth and your parenting journey.

Calvary prioritises the health and wellbeing of pregnant women, their babies and our staff.

The following arrangements are in place from 13 August 2021 until further notice.

We would like to assure women that they will always be able to receive care from us here as it is required.

Due to the ongoing ACT lockdown and COVID-19 situation with cases of community transmission, Calvary Public Hospital Bruce has had to change our visitor arrangements in a way that prioritises the health and wellbeing of pregnant women, their babies and our staff.

These considerations also include the important role a partner or support person has as a participant in care during this time.

Our arrangements are consistent with the advice from the ACT Clinical Health Emergency Coordination Centre and are as follows:

Antenatal Care

We are currently adapting our antenatal care in a way that balances meeting your health care needs, with reducing the time that you need to leave your home during this time.

For all face to face appointments, we do ask that you please attend alone. Our doctors and midwives still want your support people to be included in any conversations and will support this through the use of phone calls on speaker if this is your preference.

Anyone who is worried about their health or the health of their baby will be seen as normal. Please always call us to discuss any concerns and we will arrange for you to be seen.

Labour Care and Postnatal Stay

When you are in labour, please call us before coming to hospital. We will ask you some questions to ensure everyone’s safety.

You may like to fill in the declaration on the ACT Health app to understand whether you have any considerations for when you come into hospital (ie, do you get a green tick or a red cross”.

Please be assured we will not turn you away for any reason, but we may need to take extra precautions to ensure everyone’s safety, including use extra personal protective equipment, such as masks, and face shields.

Support person

You will be able to have one nominated support person stay with you during labour and after the birth until you are discharged.

We do however have extra precautions to limit the movement of people through the hospital and around the ward areas to protect everyone.

These are:

  • We ask your support person to not leave your room (to go to the café/ward kitchen area/walk around/etc)
  • To please must wear a mask
  • If they need to leave the hospital for any reason, they will not be able to return.
  • Your support person can stay overnight, subject to room availability.
  • We will provide meals to your support person while they are with you in hospital.
  • You cannot swap support people during the birth or after the birth.

If your support person is in isolation/quarantine, even if they have no symptoms, we are sorry but they will not be able to enter the hospital and you will need to nominate another support person.

This is to protect you, your baby and all other families in the hospital.

Women admitted for pregnancy concerns but are not in labour

In line with general visitor guidance across the hospital, you will not be able to have a support person stay with you if you are admitted to hospital unless there are concerns regarding complications of pregnancy or you require a support person for normal caring activities.

Our staff will work with each woman to ensure we achieve compassionate care of your circumstances whilst balancing the safety for our staff, all our families and provide the appropriate supportive environment for the best outcomes.

Our staff will assist you in maintaining contact with your loved ones through phone and video contact if you are unable to have the support people of your first preference.

Postnatal care

We continue to offer Midcall home visits. We will call you before we arrive to make sure it is safe to visit.

We ask that only the mother and baby are in the room when we visit your home. Our staff will wear a mask when we visit you at home. We will also ask the mother to wear a mask.

Special Care Nursery

If both mother and other parent or support person have remained together in hospital for their entire postnatal stay, both will be able to visit with baby.

As always, our staff will apply visitor restrictions with compassion and common sense. 

Canberra Maternity Options

We heard from new parents that it’s not always clear what to do when you first find out you’re having a baby and it can be tricky to find out about all the options that are available to you.

There is now a new way to access Canberra’s public maternity care.

Calvary Public Hospital Bruce, in partnership with the Centenary Hospital for Women and Children, have worked together to introduce Canberra Maternity Options – a new way to learn about and access the public maternity system.

Under Canberra Maternity Options:
• women are asked to call 5124 9977 to arrange their first appointment with a midwife
• women are recommended to book an appointment with a GP for early pregnancy care
• women will be organised to meet a midwife at a community centre close to home to talk about pregnancy and public birthing options, complete a health and wellbeing assessment, and discuss the best options for them. This includes making arrangmeents to birth at either Calvary Public Hospital or the Centenary Hospital for Women and Children
• women will be supported to receive ongoing local support before, during and after pregnancy.

For more information visit

During this time there will be many things that you want more information about. While our midwives will answer all your questions, we have developed our Pregnancy ePack to provide you with information that you can access any time.

Calvary Maternity Unit Tours

We regret that we have stopped our popular tours of the Calvary Birth Suite and Maternity Unit. Calvary Midwife Amanda has prepared a video of these facilities – please click the video below to join Amanda as she walks you through our birthing and inpatient facilities.

Please click here to unwrap your Pregnancy ePack.

Having a baby at Calvary Public Hospital Bruce

The Calvary Maternity Unit is family friendly, and women are encouraged to have their partner or support person with them through their labour and birth.

Calvary offers women the choice of Midwife Led Maternity Care through the Calvary Birth Centre, or a more traditional maternity service through the Calvary Maternity Care Team.

The Maternity Unit is located on Level 3 of the Marian Building. Following a recent refurbishment, the Unit has capacity for 18 patients and is configured with 10 single rooms and 4 extremely large twin-share rooms. Each room has en-suite facilities. Rooming-in for partners/support person is also available

A new family lounge also creates a setting for families and mothers to interact and relax.

Maternity Tours

Tours of the maternity ward have been discontinued and will resume at a date yet to be determined.

Bookings and Care Options

At your initial appointment with the Community Midwife, under the Canberra Maternity Options program, the Midwife will discuss public birthing options based on your health assessment and preferences.

If Calvary becomes your maternity service, we are committed to providing you with excellent care, highly skilled staff and the best available facilities.

Our Antenatal Clinic is located on Level 3, Marian Building, Calvary Public Hospital, Bruce ACT.

For more information, visit Canberra Maternity Options.