COVID-19 – Information and Guidance for Bethlehem staff

This page has been created to assist all Bethlehem staff with the most current information about COVID-19 and what to do to keep themselves, patients and other staff members safe.

It will also help staff identify the pathways open for straightforward identification of COVID and the processes to follow in the event of infection and what to do in response to different levels of exposure.

All staff engaged in patient-facing work are to wear surgical masks.  Visitors are required to wear Surgical masks and can wear an N95 mask if they prefer.
Please read the attached requirements to ensure you are wearing the correct mask.


What to do when you are exposed to COVID -19 – Guidance for staff

COVID-19 Self Testing at Bethlehem

We are pleased to announce that we have now set up our COVID-19 Self Testing Service for Symptomatic Staff in the C1 carpark here at Calvary Kooyong. Please see the attached document for details. As it is now harder to find PCR swabs in the general community and as we still require a negative PCR swab before symptomatic staff are allowed on site, we have made sure that all staff can access PCR testing on site if needed.

Process for PCR staff self-testing service in C1

Safe Food Sharing

Just a reminder to practice safe food sharing.  Wherever possible, shared items should be individually portioned i.e. cake that is cut and then served as an individual portion on an individual plate.  Items difficult to portion, such as chips, unwrapped lollies, nuts, dips, unwrapped biscuits, etc. should be served onto an individual plate with a spoon/scoop/tongs.  Blocks of chocolate should be broken up into pieces while wearing gloves then served with a spoon. For more information on Safe food handling here a link to the Safe Food Handling online course:


Visiting hours at Calvary Health Care Bethlehem are from 8am – 8pm.