About Calvary Health Care Bethlehem

Calvary Health Care Bethlehem in Caulfield is recognised as a leader in its two areas of expertise; as a Statewide provider for those with Progressive Neurological Disease (such as Motor Neurone Disease and Huntingtons’ Disease) and as a Specialist Palliative Care Service.

Our services are vital to the Victorian community, supporting over 4000 patients and their families each year.

Known for our innovative model of care, our interdisciplinary teams work in collaboration with the patients GP, community health, aged, disability and other health services, to ensure that care is easily accessible and coordinated across our inpatient services, centre-based clinics, day centre and at home.

As a leader, we are actively engaged with our community to promote the concept of   living well as people approach the end of life. Building on our innovative schools program and working together with our local council and   community organisations, we aim to encourage open and honest discussion about death, dying, grief and loss, so that we can build better communities of support for people.

Calvary Bethlehem is a denominational hospital that receives funding from the Victorian Department of Health and Human Services to provide public health service programs, and is fully accredited by the Australian Council on Health Care Standards

To find out more about who we are and what we do, please refer to:

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Calvary Health Care Bethlehem Executive Team

CHCB Executive Directors

Ms Shannon Thompson

Director of Clinical Services

 03 9595 3399

Dr Jane Fischer

Chief Executive Officer and Medical Director

 03 9595 3290

Mr Andrew Hluchanic

Finance Director

 03 9595 3290

Community Advisory Council

The Community Advisory Council Group assists the CEO with, and provides advice on, community and stakeholder engagement. Through this group local consumers and communities can help us to make the best decisions when it comes to planning our services. Representatives are drawn from a broad cross section of the community and meet with Calvary Health Care Bethlehem executives on a regular basis.

Consumer representatives

  • Peter Kelly – Chair
  • Colleen D’Offay
  • John Coulson
  • Colin Haycock
  • Phil Lovell
  • Lorraine Fraser

Calvary representatives

  • Brenda Ainsworth
    National Director Calvary Public Hospitals, Calvary
  • Dr Jane Fischer
    Chief Executive Officer, Calvary Health Care Bethlehem
  • Sam Kelly
    Media & Communications Manager, Calvary Health Care Bethlehem