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In February of this year, we launched our new Calvary learning platform ‘Calvary Learning Hub’ to all Hospital, Community Care, and existing Calvary Aged Care staff. We are now ready to also roll out this great learning platform all our new Aged Care staff on 9 August 2022.

The new Calvary Learning Hub supports Calvary’s priority in caring for our people and our work environments. 


How you’ll benefit from the Calvary Learning Hub:

The new Calvary Learning Hub supports Calvary’s priority in caring for our people and our working environments.

Some of the key benefits are:

  • Access to a one-stop shop for training and professional development opportunities
  • Easy to see what Mandatory Training courses you need to complete via your Home page
  • Access to a wide range of courses and their library materials
  • Ability to rate and provide feedback about the training courses you’ve completed
  • Plus a simple one click access to all Continuing Professional Development training transcripts
  • The Calvary Learning Hub allows for more courses to be added in line with organisational workplace opportunities

To familiarise yourself with the new Calvary Learning Hub, please view this video. There is also a quick reference guide available.


Download more resources:

My Learning Hub Poster


For any questions or concerns about the Calvary Learning Hub, please contact your manager or local L&D Team Member.

If you have more general integration related questions or concerns, please contact the team via [email protected]