Dr Aoife McGarvey

Dr Aoife McGarvey (PhD(Physiotherapy), BAppSc(Physiotherapy)) Physiotherapist


Dr Aoife McGarvey has been conducting research in rehabilitation for cancer survivors since 2009. Her research focus is physiotherapy for patients undergoing treatment for head and neck cancer. Physiotherapy aims to improve shoulder pain and function and to minimise facial lymphoedema, which often occurs in patients receiving cancer treatment.


Allied Health

Research Areas

Head and neck cancer rehabilitation, physical activity in oncology populations

Publications / Achievements

A multicentre translational trial to maximise screening of physical issues and referral to physiotherapy after surgery for head and neck cancer. Co-Investigator of the USE-IT project, led by A/Prof Erica James, which aims to increase physical activity of oncology patients during chemotherapy.

More information about Dr Aoife McGarvey’s achievements and publications can be found here:


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