Dr Tony Bonaventura MBBS, FRACP


Dr Bonaventura is the Director of Medical Oncology at Calvary Mater Newcastle. His main interest is in provision of clinical patient care, involvement in clinical trials and management of the Medical Oncology Unit.


Medical Oncology

Research Areas

Clinical areas of research include trials involving gastrointestinal, gynaecological, urological and soft tissue cancers.

Publications / Achievements

Membership of Learned Societies

MOGA, COSA, ASCO, ESMO, ANZBCTG, IBCSG, American Society of Hematology, MASC/ISOO, ENETS

Research Funding

  1. Shared care project: the follow up of cancer patients. CINSW $140,000
  2. Comparison of two regimes on controlling chemotherapy induced nausea and vomiting. Glaxo $70,000
  3. Pilot study of oral chemotherapy pharmacist. Roche $60,000
  4. Nurse Practitioner Scholarship. Frangipani Ball $33,000
  5. PICNIC study in pancreatic cancer. Margaret Mitchell Research Grant $10,000

More information about Dr Tony Bonaventura’s academic achievements and publications can be found here:


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