Dr Janine Lombard

Dr Janine Lombard (MBChB MMed (Int) Cert Med Onc (SA) FRACP) Staff specialist Medical Oncologist


Dr Janine Lombard has been conducting breast and gynaecological research in the Medical Oncology Research Department at Calvary Mater Newcastle since 2006. Her main interest is breast and gynaecological cancers and measures to improve both outcomes but also reduce the toxicities of treatments for these diseases. Dr Lombard is involved in basic translation research through links with researchers at HMRI and the University of Newcastle in breast and ovarian cancer. She has also been involved in several important trials in early and advanced breast cancer treatments, some of which have significantly changed clinical practice. Her involvement in the POEMS study helped to establish the use of a drug to protect fertility and prevent early menopause symptoms in women with estrogen negative early breast cancer.


Medical Oncology

Research Areas

Breast and gyanecological cancers

Publications / Achievements

Dr Lombard is currently a local principal investigator for several studies exploring new treatment options in relapsed (metastatic) breast cancer, ovarian and endometrial cancer. She is on the scientific advisory committee for Breast Cancer Trials, the largest breast cancer trials group in Australia and New Zealand.  In gynaecological cancer she is principal investigator for a number of Australian and international studies of new treatments in ovarian cancer. She is an active member of ANZGOG (Australia New Zealand Gynaeoncology Group) and member of the Ovarian Cancer Tumor Working Group. In early drug research she is principal investigator for a phase 1B study exploring new drug compounds in several tumor subtypes

More information about Dr Janine Lombard’s academic achievements and publications can be found here:


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