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Calvary Mater Newcastle is a public hospital in Newcastle, NSW. We are the major cancer care centre for the Hunter New England Local Health District. We provide a range of medical and surgical services as an Affiliated Health Organisation under the Health Services Act 1997.

As well as delivering excellent health care, Calvary Mater Newcastle has a long-standing and strong commitment to instigating, supporting and delivering cutting-edge translational research. We have a history of major discoveries that have impacted health outcomes. Our extensive range of hospital specialties means we are in a unique position to undertake a broad spectrum of research.

We are committed to improving the lives of patients through medical discovery and innovation. We believe that research should directly benefit patients, therefore, we align our research with areas of clinical need. Our researchers are consistently translating research into clinical practice that will benefit patients at the hospital and ultimately throughout the world.

Calvary Mater Newcastle is the main centre for cancer clinical trials in the Hunter region, with local, national and international research collaborations taking place.

Our research is interdisciplinary, with researchers working in partnership with clinicians, consumers, universities and affiliated organisations, both locally and across the globe.

Our Research Mission

To support a broad spectrum of high quality research, create an environment where research is an integral component of sustainable health care and propel innovative translational research into improving the health of individuals, communities and populations.

Our Vision for Research

To be recognised as a world class research facility that benefits the individuals and communities we serve.

Translational Research Strategic Plan

We have a Translational Research Strategic Plan that provides the hospital with the strategies and initiatives to achieve this vision. We believe that research should directly benefit patients; therefore, we aim to align our research work with our clinical areas of need.

Our research goals are to:

  • Increase the capacity for research and clinical trials
  • Enhance Calvary Mater Newcastle’s profile as a world leading research hospital
  • Strengthen the performance and quality of high value research
  • Encourage new and diverse participation in research for researchers, clinicians and consumers
  • Sustain an organisational commitment to support and develop research leadership roles
  • Ensure good corporate and clinical governance that promotes accountability and responsibility
  • Deliver improved clinical care and better health outcomes

Research and Teaching Annual Reports

Our values

Calvary Mater Newcastle Research - Hospitality Icon  Hospitality

Demonstrates our response to the desire to be welcomed, to feel wanted and to belong. It is our responsibility to extend hospitality to all who come into contact with our services by promoting connectedness, listening and responding openly.

Calvary Mater Newcastle Research - Healing Icon  Healing

Demonstrates our desire to respond to the whole person by caring for their spiritual, psychological, social and physical wellbeing. It is our responsibility to value and consider the whole person, and to promote healing through reconnecting, reconciling and building relationships.

Calvary Mater Newcastle Research - Stewardship Icon  Stewardship

Recognises that as individuals and as a community all we have has been given to us as a gift. It is our responsibility to manage these precious resources effectively for the future. We are responsible for striving for excellence, developing personal talents, material possessions, for our environment and handing on the tradition of the Sisters of the Little Company of Mary.

Calvary Mater Newcastle Research - Respect Icon  Respect

Recognises the value and dignity of every person who is associated with our services. It is our responsibility to care for all with whom we come into contact, with justice and compassion no matter what the circumstances, and we are prepared to stand up for what we believe and challenge behaviour that is contrary to our values.

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