Viplaw NIraula | Support Worker Team Leader, Calvary Community Care

I became interested in working in aged care due to my experience in caring for elderly family members back in Nepal.

In my region, there were many seniors living at home and family and community would support them as they needed more assistance. This stems from the deep-seated respect for elders in my culture. When my grandfather became ill, I supported him along with my family.  After my grandparents died, I reflected on the fact that as a family we were not able to get them all the care that they needed.

On arrival in Australia, I could see opportunities to work in this sector – doing what I had enjoyed in looking after older people.

It is a privilege to spend time with our clients, assisting them, seeing them smile and hearing their stories.

There is lots to learn from their life experiences – and their reflections upon a life well lived. One gentleman in particular, who lost his leg due to diabetes, inspired me with his modesty about what he achieved in his working life. He accepts his situation and he never complains.  I admire his positive outlook and the simplicity of his life.

In my new role as a Support Worker Team Leader, I am focussed on building a strong team, then seeking feedback from our clients to identify how we might further improve our service.