Betty Loh | Registered Nurse, Calvary Community Care

Adelaide Calvary Community Care Registered Nurse Betty Loh is also inspired by her clients.

The team member has worked in aged care for about 10 years, including as a personal care worker for four years.

I have learned so much and had so many experiences and challenges. Most importantly, I have learned how to communicate with family, residents and colleagues.

What I love the most about working in aged care is that at the end of a shift, knowing that residents are still well, they have had a happy day, that their needs are met and I know that I have done everything that I could to help or solve the problem and that the residents are not alone in their ‘home’.

I find many residents inspire me. I have spoken to many residents and they all have excellent, interesting stories to tell … about their old days… about war… how they came from different countries… love stories… their families and children… They tell me they had a good life, and memories (good and bad).

So, here I am, doing what I want to remember in my life. And I also have a story to tell when I get old