Fitness Passport

How long has it been since you invested some time into you?

What is Fitness Passport?

Fitness Passport is our discounted workplace health and fitness program that will be available to all Calvary employees and their families in NSW, SA, VIC, TAS, QLD and ACT. A Fitness Passport membership offers great savings on regular gym memberships and gives Calvary employees access to a wide choice of health and fitness providers. There’s no better time to ‘check-in’ on your health and wellbeing than right now.

Fitness Passport membership is designed exclusively around the gyms & pools you, your colleagues and family want to use, so you can tailor your membership and program to meet your individual preferences.

Most NSW services have been enjoying the wide range of gyms, pools & fitness centres available through Fitness Passport for some time. Now, the same great discounts and benefits will be extended to all areas of NSW, SA, VIC, TAS, QLD and ACT.

Through this partnership, Calvary employees will receive:

  • One membership that allows access to a large range of health and fitness facilities for a low price
  • Memberships can be extended to direct family members and partners
  • Unlimited visits across all fitness facilities in your program
  • Individual & Family memberships available
  • Discounted fortnightly direct debit
  • Simple hassle-free swipe access
  • Full facility access can include gyms, group classes and pools

Have your say in building your Fitness Passport Program

In November 2021 employees in  NSW, SA, VIC, TAS, QLD and ACT were able to participate in a survey to help build on the vast array of facilities available to you across these locations.

The Fitness Passport program is currently being developed on the basis of the survey, post which you will be able to sign up for the Fitness Passport Membership.

For NSW services where Fitness Passport has already been established, to sign up now visit

To speak to a Fitness Passport consultant or book an appointment, email

Scan the QR code to view the gyms and pools across the states and territories where Fitness Passport is offered. Once the program build for all areas of NSW, SA, VIC, TAS, QLD and ACT has been completed participating fitness centres in these locations will be updated.



Why sign up to Fitness Passport?

“Fitness Passport is easy to sign up and use, cheaper than a gym membership and there’s lots of variety in where you can swim or exercise.”

Amy – Calvary Retirement Communities

“Do it – it’s very cost-effective and there’s lots of variety. An affordable way for my whole family to exercise.”

Liana – Calvary Mater Hospital

“It’s given me motivation to exercise more and also promotes a healthy lifestyle for my family. We are saving money too which is great.”

Claire – Calvary Mater Hospital

“Fitness Passport is a cost-effective option for me and means I can go to a few a different gyms and pools. Yeah it’s worth it.”

Malcolm – Calvary Retirement Communities