Joseph the builder

One of our palliative care patients Joseph left a note in the door of one of our managers this week.

It’s a letter about his experience of our chapel and volunteers and I thought it a good one to share.

It’s interesting to note that Joseph was a builder so his observations about the chapel are close to his heart.

Thanks so much


Mandy Muir

Pastoral Care Worker, Calvary Health Care, Kogarah


One day at Calvary – Thursday

Talking to a lovely lady who came to massage and oil my arms and hands, not only felt great but she also was an adept conversationalist.

If you find my writing hard to decipher, please forgive me, its very difficult to manipulate my hands. Anyway after lunch I decided to visit the op shop and purchased a rosary, got one gratis as that was to use in bed.

Afterwards I visited the chapel, staying there a good while, praying my “Gratis” rosary, reflecting who may have used it previously, probably long resting with our Heavenly Father.

I could have remained there endless, such a beautiful building. The most artful lead glass framed by oblong concrete wall panels, simple and setting the fluted timber ceiling, one component complementing the other, soothing the mind and creating a godly presence.

It is probably the most successful religious structure I have seen around the world built in modern times, and more important experienced. I hear the age old music of “Die Himmel ruhmen”, “The heavens are praising.”

Returning after a torrential downpour along the covered walkway to the ground floor side entrance to the inviting café, I felt home again. I had a coffee and chocolate pecan, served by a cheerful young lady.

I sat contemplating a while and thanked God as well as commended the kind hearted staff and volunteers, people that not only serve but give of themselves.

One touch, one remark, one expression of empathy would be more beneficial than medicine, to build up the patients will to fight his malaise.

It works, I have been through it.

I leave Calvary with a heavy heart to my lonely existence at home but I will always remember my peaceful and happy time I was given.

Thank you and God bless you