James – Grow-n up in Centrals

James Ramsell went from playing in the courtyard of Calvary Central Districts Hospital  (known as Centrals by the locals) as a young boy, to now managing the facility’s building and infrastructure.

James’ mother Gerri worked at Centrals from 1984 – 2001, and some of his earliest memories are visiting her for lunch during the school holidays, playing over the brickwork of the garden beds. Little has changed in the courtyard over the past 30 years, and now James’ sons do the same thing.

James talks affectionately about the hospital, and the many special family connections and memories. From both his mum and aunty working on the wards, to his grandmother passing away here. He values the connection with long serving staff members, and notes that it “just felt right” when he came back to the hospital to interview for his position in 2012.

James lives the Calvary values, including being a supporter of the Northern suburbs and empowering the local community. He has provided support to Civil Train and TAFE SA initiatives, running 10 consecutive projects. James makes a difference by giving students the confidence to learn new skills, and empowers them to grow in their field. James was recently recognised for his work, being nominated for the Playford Council Local Hero awards, where he was the runner-up.