Calvary congratulates and celebrates the Missioning of eleven senior executives

On Wednesday 22 March Calvary congratulated and celebrated a joint Missioning for senior executives at three Calvary ACT hospitals: Calvary John James, Calvary Bruce Private and Calvary Bruce Public.

Missioning acknowledges the responsibility of executives to discern and grow their capacity to live, and allow others to experience, the Spirit of Calvary. A Missioning Ceremony for Senior Executives acknowledges their particular accountability for mission leadership and augments a Welcoming Ceremony for all new employees in acknowledgment of their commitment and contribution to Calvary’s Mission.

Missioning is a symbolic ceremony which has its origins in ancient Hebrew and Christian traditions. For Calvary, a Missioning is of great significance where we:

  • welcome executives to the role of leadership
  • recognise that the executives are leaders of a part of something greater than themselves
  • acknowledge that they don’t hold all the answers and that they do need help from a power greater than themselves; and
  • affirm the heritage of the Sisters of the Little Company of Mary and the entrustment of that leadership to the executives.

In missioning, light is often used to symbolise help from a power greater than ourselves:
Jesus spoke to them again, saying, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will not walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.”

The significance and respect accorded to the missioning of the executives was reinforced by the attendance of Calvary Chair John Watkins, the Deputy Chair, Mick Roach, Calvary Ministries Director, Michael Lee, National Chief Operating Officer, Matt Hanrahan, National Director of Mission Mark Green, National Director of Public Hospitals Brenda Ainsworth and several members of the National Leadership Team as well as representatives from Calvary Retirement Communities and Calvary Community Care.

Further to missioning, Calvary executives undergo ‘formation’ to hone their leadership skills towards sustaining Calvary’s identity, mission and core values. It is the role of our senior executives to provide Calvary with a clear sense of our identity and to equip themselves with new knowledge, inspiration and support to lead in both certain and uncertain times.

We congratulate the following senior executives:
Tim Free – CEO, Calvary John James Hospital
Raoul Ross – CFO, Calvary John James Hospital
Jo Mitchell – DCS, Calvary John James Hospital

Kim Bradshaw – CEO, Calvary Bruce Private Hospital
Rowena Fawole – DCS, Calvary Bruce Private Hospital
Jennifer Raxworthy – Transition Manager, Calvary Bruce Private Hospital

Bill Morfis – CFO, Calvary Public Hospital Bruce
Hamish Jeffrey – DCS Nursing and Midwifery, Calvary Public Hospital Bruce
Steve McLean – DPOD, Calvary Public Hospital Bruce
Sheryl Harrison – Director QRS, Calvary Public Hospital Bruce
John Vinen – DCS Medical, Calvary Public Hospital Bruce