Nurse Madolyn Advocates on Behalf of Calvary Nazareth Residents

Calvary Nazareth Retirement Community Clinical Care Coordinator Madolyn Miller provides daily clinical and emotional support and is a voice for the aged care residents she cares for.


The 15th of June is World Elder Abuse Awareness Day (WEAAD) and aims to speak up in opposition to the abuse and suffering inflicted on older people.


Madolyn has worked in the Aged Care industry for over 5 years as both an Assistant in Nursing and as a Register Nurse. She is currently the Clinical Care Coordinator at Calvary Nazareth in Belmont and is involved in assisting with the needs and wellbeing of the 50 residents and their families. Madolyn emphasises “I work closely with GP’s, Palliative Care Services and other health professionals to ensure a holistic approach to care”.


“I have always been drawn to the health industry and I have always wanted to help those who were in need and thought that nursing was the best way to do that. It can be challenging at times but also so rewarding” said Madolyn.


Calvary Nazareth has a high proportion of residents living with dementia and Madolyn recognises the importance of supporting their changing needs. “My grandfather had dementia and passed away a few years ago. Watching his process of dying encouraged me to remain in aged care and provide my residents with both quality of life and a comfortable palliative journey”.


“When working with the elderly you are working with such a vulnerable group in society, whom can often be overruled when it comes to their own medical care. I have been exposed to situations where the residents wishes or best interest have not been thought of, particularly during the final stages of their life. It is so important to advocate on behalf of the resident to ensure that they receiving the care that they both want and need”.


When asked about her stance on elder abuse Madolyn said “It should never happen. It’s heartbreaking to me to think that elder abuse even happens but unfortunately it does. In my experience most people aren’t even aware of what classifies as elder abuse and are therefore unaware that someone is actually suffering from it. I think that is why it is so important that we continue to inform and educate what elder abuse is and reinforce zero tolerance”.


For more information on World Elder Abuse Awareness Day visit the United Nations Website.

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