Calvary AIRO has landed

Airo Mobile Intraoperative C.T. provides Calvary Hobart surgeons with intraoperative patient images for enhanced decision-making

Calvary Lenah Valley Hospital today received delivery of Calvary Healthcare’s and Tasmania’s first AIRO® Mobile Intraoperative CT by BrainLab. AIRO provides diagnostic quality images and is designed for use in the operating room, giving surgeons up-to-date anatomical information during surgery allowing for timely and informed decision-making.

“At Calvary Lenah Valley, our goal is to provide our patients with safe and precise treatments,” said CEO, Kathryn Berry. “With AIRO, we have access to intraoperative CT images of the patient’s anatomy while they are still in the operating room, allowing us to make decisions rapidly and if required change course. This helps to both save time and, when combined with our image guided surgery system, potentially enables greater surgical accuracy.”

AIRO connects to the facility’s Curve™ Image Guided Surgery system, a GPS-like navigation system for the human body. With automatic patient registration to the newly acquired CT images, Curve correlates patient-specific anatomy with the spatial position of the physician’s surgical instruments. AIRO and Curve are flexible and offer different operating room workflows that have been verified by surgical personnel including surgeons, anaesthesia and nursing as part of the design development.

“With this technology, we can rely on real-time intraoperative information,” adds Neurosurgeon Mr Nova Thani. “This is a great benefit, enabling us to confirm if we have achieved the objective of the procedure. While still in surgery, we can acquire diagnostic-quality post-operative images to verify results as the final step before closing up the patient.” “This greatly enhances patient safety”.

AIRO Mobile Intraoperative CT is a one-of-a-kind system that can help advance health care delivery by producing high-quality CT images, allowing for enhanced surgical decision-making.”

AIRO provides intraoperative images that can assist surgeons in a wide range of clinical applications, including cranial and spinal procedures.

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