Training our paramedics

In the spirit of helping a friend, Calvary Mater Newcastle recently hosted local paramedic, Juliet Stark, for training to become an intensive care paramedic.

As part of the specialist program, paramedics are required to complete a five week block of training which incorporates two weeks in operating theatres; one week in an emergency department (ED); one week in an intensive care unit (ICU); and a final week in Sydney to complete road retrieval and air ambulance training.

Juliet, who is typically located at the Rutherford base, approached the Mater to host her for the training.

“There aren’t many hospitals outside of Sydney who facilitate this training,” she said.

“I knew the Mater had an ED, an ICU and theatres, so it ticked all the boxes. I approached the team to see if they’d be interested in taking me on, and they were more than happy to help, so I was very thankful!”

During her time at the Mater, Juliet gained skills from each department.

“In theatres, it was very interesting to learn about the airway manoeuvres and management, as well as the extubating and infusion processes in ICU.

“I am a trained ED nurse and I actually work at the Mater too, so I knew what to expect in that department,” she laughed.

The main takeaway for Juliet came from jumping in on morning rounds with the doctors and nurses, getting an insight into their goals and approaches to care for patients.

“It’s been a lovely time here  – each department has been welcoming, kind, considerate and really understood my learning objectives.

“Staff were waiting for me each day and did everything they could to help me meet those objectives.”

Juliet has since headed to Sydney to complete her final week of training, and will then be stationed in Hamilton for 18 weeks to complete her qualification.

Once finished, Juliet will join approximately 5 per cent of the NSW paramedic workforce, who are intensive care trained.

All the best Juliet  – it was a pleasure hosting you!