Proudly supported by Dry July

Thanks to 2017 Dry July funding, the Occupational Therapy Department at Calvary Mater Newcastle was able to purchase a large range of assistive aids for the hospital’s Oncology Equipment Loan Pool.

The Oncology Equipment Loan Pool is a comprehensive service that is provided free of charge to any Calvary Mater Newcastle oncology outpatient receiving treatment. The pool provides a vast range of assistive devices and appliances to help patients manage the functional disabilities that occur with cancer diseases. Equipment includes: wheelchairs, pressure cushions, shower chairs, commodes, raised toilet seats, portable ramps, bathboards, swivel bathseats, to name but a few. At any one point in time up to 300 patients can be benefiting from this pivotal service.

Prior to this funding many of the items on loan were approaching their end of life. Thanks to Dry July, the team has now updated and expanded upon the hundreds of items they currently have available for patients including new bariatric equipment.

Andrew Wakely, Occupational Therapist-in-Charge, Calvary Mater Newcastle, says,

“The equipment we provide through this program saves the patient and their carers from the added burdens of falls, pressure injuries, being immobile or housebound.

“For many of the patients we provide equipment to it is the only item that may get them to the shops (using the example of wheelchairs), or the only way that they can enjoy a hot bath or shower (using our specialised bathing assistive items). These are just two examples of the difference the appliances make.

“A sincere thank you to all the Dry Julyers who enabled us to purchase this new equipment, without your help and assistance we wouldn’t be able to support the many patients that we do.”

If you would like to join the 2018 Dry July campaign please sign-up using the below link and you will automatically be supporting Calvary Mater Newcastle.