A warm gesture

When you think about how physically weak patients may get, and how they may struggle to keep warm, then you would appreciate how satisfying it would be for a patient to have the comfort of a warm blanket or towel during their stay in hospital.

Calvary Mater Newcastle’s Hospice recently took possession of a blanket warmer, proudly donated by the ‘Stop Ovarian Cancer’ (SOC, formerly Supporters of Cancer) Committee. Established in 2010, the committee raises funds and promotes awareness of cancer, with a particular focus on ovarian cancer and melanoma. To date the group has raised over $400,000 for local cancer support services.

Stacey Diana, Nurse Unit Manager, Palliative Care, said,

“The blanket warmer was a much needed piece of equipment for the Hospice. Heated blankets and towels not only keep our patients warm but they can also be used as pain relief as the heat soothes aches and pains associated with their illness. Palliative Care staff and patients appreciate this very generous donation”.