Twin trifecta for Calvary North Adelaide Hospital

Across five days, Calvary North Adelaide Hospital (CNAH) has welcomed three sets of twins.

While twins are a fairly regular occurrence at CNAH, all three sets of twins were born vaginally.

“It is rare to have sets of twins born vaginally these days, with many born via caesarean section due to risks associated with multiple births. To have three born all within the same week has been magnificent and really exciting for us,” Amy Falanga, Clinical Manager, CNAH Maternity.

“We encourage and support the option of a vaginal birth for twins where appropriate, so this is a big deal.”

Darcy and Fred

Kate and Samuel Paton who welcomed their twins, Darcy and Fred, on Thursday, 25 January, praised the support of CNAH obstetrician Dr Asha Short.

“I always wanted a vaginal birth for Darcy and Fred, and my previous two children were vaginal births. My obstetrician was very supportive, which is why I chose to go with Dr Short. Everyone at Calvary was really caring,” Ms Paton said.

Rosie and Imogen

Darcy and Fred’s entry into the world was followed by twins Rosie and Imogen Bellamy, who were born on Saturday, 27 January.

Parents Ashleigh and Rob are frequent flyers at CNAH, having delivered their two older children there previously.

“When I found out I was pregnant, I wanted to have the same experience I had with my previous births. My obstetrician Dr Carmel Cocchiaro and the midwives at Calvary were really supportive and encouraging. It has been a lovely experience,” Ms Bellamy said.

Rosie and Imogen were born prematurely at 34 weeks and needed extra care. The girls remain in the CNAH Level 5 Special Care Nursery and their health and strength is improving.

“Rosie and Imogen are in the best hands and while I would prefer to be taking them home with me, I am so happy with the care that they are receiving,”

Edith and Greta

Edith and Greta Burfoot completed the twin trifecta, making their entry into the world on Tuesday, 30 January.

For first time parents Suzanna and Christopher, the birth was a “peaceful experience” with the support and encouragement of obstetrician Dr Anthea Rallis and CNAH midwives.

“The initial plan for us was a C-section but as the pregnancy developed and the babies were in the right position and growing well, we were reassured a vaginal birth was a really good way to go,” Ms Burfoot said.

“There were four or five staff members in the room but everything was really calm and we felt very supported. It was really great and peaceful experience actually.”