Meet Ann and Peter

Ann and Peter’s relationship reflects their relationship with each other as well as their relationship with Calvary Support Worker, Christine.

On the morning of 30 December 2014, at 1:15 am Ann had suffered a stroke. Peter described it as a miracle that the specialists that could help her was on duty that night. After spending four days in intensive care, she was moved to stroke recovery. When we asked Ann how she felt after the stroke she merely said, ‘I just coped with it’.

After they were told that Ann would most likely not be able to go home, Ann was determined that she wanted to be in the comfort of her own home. Eventually they removed the peg and she had normal food, could speak normally, and had reasonable walking. After ten and a half months she was able to go home.

‘So I came home’

After returning home they soon realised that she was not able to do little things around the house and she struggled with her balance, which made showering and personal care difficult. They decided to join Calvary Community Care for assistance.

Peter mentioned, that the information their Case Manager had presented to them at the time was invaluable. Things that they haven’t thought of, that could be considered to make it easier for Ann and Peter, at home.

With their primary service being personal care, they also receive gardening services as well as subsidised meals arranged through Calvary Community Care. ‘All these things that we never would have thought about, but the Case Manager and other people have helped us with getting these things’, he said.

As part of stroke therapy, Ann started singing to bring back her voice, confidence and stabilise her breathing when she is short of breath. Her Support Worker Christine happily joins in and sings along. ‘My fondest memory with Ann, well I think when she sings in the shower. It’s something she does enjoy’. Christine, who has been working in the community for 9 years, assists with showering, dressing, drying and loves a good chat with Ann and Peter. An absolute stand-out was to see the relationship that Ann, Peter and Christine have. ‘It’s always a pleasure to come here. I’ve always felt welcome’, she said.

‘Ann had to be happy with the people coming in, and in our minds we needed continuity, so it wasn’t just a different person coming in every day of the week. That’s the pretty important part of the system, it’s not just somebody helping, but somebody you know’, Peter said.

‘It’s been great’

After receiving services from Calvary for over four years, Ann has had major improvements which has been most significant in her attitude and acceptance of the situation. With Ann’s positive attitude to life, her easy going nature and the fact that she never stops smiling, she is a true inspiration.

If you’d like to join Calvary Community Care and become one of our valued clients, speak to one of our friendly Care Advisers on 1300 797 522.