Client Stories

Kerry Geale: My Palliative Care Story

Kerry Geale knows a thing or two about life and death. The former Wagga Wagga Citizen of the Year, parks and recreation manager, city councilor, nurseryman, gardening talkback host, and men’s health advocate also knows “a darn sight more” than he used to about palliative care. Diagnosed with prostate cancer

Living in Harmony

Discover the stories behind Calvary’s clients || Norm Peace shares the high notes and life lessons from his life in the community.

Cruising Ahead

Discover the stories behind Calvary’s clients || When Ann Michel had a stroke, the last thing she imagined was going on a cruise. But with determination and help from her family, that is exactly what she did.

Meet Ann and Peter

Meet Ann, a strong, determined and brave lady. Ann (81) and her husband Peter took us through their journey of how they had to readjust their lives after she had suffered a stroke.