Calvary staff
My Calvary

Calvary is filled with smiling faces, team spirit and staff who enjoy what they do every day. Watch how the heroes of Calvary talk about how wonderful and satisfying it is to be a part of Calvary.

Calvary worker taking patients for a walk
How Calvary makes a difference

Calvary provides staff with the tools and skills better their work environment. Watch our video to see how Calvary makes a difference in their working environment and the residents lives.

Career progression at Calvary Hospital
Career progression

Happy staff make happy residents. Many of the employees over their years working at Calvary have undertaken courses, and have been provided with assistance to help enhance their careers. Watch here as they talk about the benefit of working at Calvary.

Watch video on Calvary volunteers
Chris & Val’s Volunteer Story

What’s it like to volunteer at Calvary? Watch Chris and Val’s video about their life-fulfilling, humbling experience and how much they feel valued by the residents and staff of Calvary.

Watch davids story
David’s Story

David had a career in hotels before coming to Calvary. Over his time at Calvary he has enjoyed being with the residents and even set up a group to support the male residents. He is currently studying to move into aged care, which Calvary is helping him to achieve. Watch David’s story here.

What it's like to work at Calvary video
Angela, Urmila & Nya’s Story

Angela started as a casual member of staff and has now been at Calvary for 21 years, because she enjoys it so much. Urmila talks about how teamwork is an important part of Calvary and how everyone is valued and support each other. Nya says Calvary is a part of his extended family. Watch their stories here.

What is it like working at Calvary?
Sarah & Anise’s Story

What’s it like to work at Calvary? Sarah arrived from the UK and started working at Calvary straight away. She felt instantly supported by the staff of Calvary and says that they are not just work colleagues but friends as well. Anise loves working with those around her and feels