Chris & Val’s Volunteer Story

What’s it like to volunteer at Calvary?

Chris and Val are Volunteers at Calvary. They assist with both the Calvary residents and within community care. Watch their video as they show how volunteering for Calvary is a life-fulfilling, humbling experience and how much they feel valued by the residents and staff of Calvary.

Calvary volunteer Val MorganVal Morahan – Community Volunteer since 2012

“Calvary patients and clients have given me so much.

“A patient having undergone chemotherapy gave me her beautiful bald head so that I could massage it for her.

“An artist, who longed for the chance to get back to painting, gave me his knowledge of colours.

“A gentle old soul gave me her badly scarred legs to prove that scars aren’t catchy. A friend’s father gave me the chance to hear his fears of leaving his wife behind.

“‘M’ gave me lessons on how to make a happy marriage… oh… and to play poker on the mobile phone. Another gave me insight into how hard she worked when she came to Australia as a 16 year old with her beloved… and that true love is not limited to over 18s. And finally, my most recent patient whom I will call ‘M’, gave me a bigger love of Japan. ‘M’ gave me her love of opals and black and white Japanese movies and Channel NHK… oh and silent movies too.

“‘M’ gave me cake, cake and more cake and laughed at my bad jokes.

“Above all else, these treasured souls gave me their hospital rooms, their homes and their precious time… all of which has given me a bigger mind and heart… and I thank them all.”

Calvary Volunteer Christine SnookChristine Snook – Volunteer

“I started my training at Calvary on 24 February 2014 and commenced on the wards on 7 April 2014.

“To begin with I felt quite nervous but I have to say it was like a light switch being turned on and it awakened something in me which I have never experienced before.

“I love this job – meeting the patients and talking with them, their families, meeting other volunteers, hand and foot massaging and generally doing things to help around the hospital – I don’t care what I do as long as I can be here!

“In fact, I enjoy it so much I am now volunteering on a Monday and Thursday. The patients are amazing and can teach us many things, and even though many of them are so ill, they have tremendous spirit.

“They make you appreciate the life you have and how lucky you are to have good health. I have met some truly wonderful people here. I will always have a fire in my belly for this job and hope that I will be blessed with good health to be able to continue volunteering for many years to come.”