Benefits of working at Calvary

What’s it like to work at Calvary?

Our staff share some of their experiences and the benefits of working at Calvary. Watch their stories here.

Joe Varghese – Clinical Coordinator Mary Potter Nursing Home

“When I moved from Ireland 3 years ago and was looking for a job, Calvary offered me a casual post. During my initial days at Calvary I found there was a welcoming, homely feeling amongst staff and residents. I can see the spirit of Calvary amongst the staff. I planned to move on several times when I went through some challenging periods but my passion for aged care kept me here.

“As Calvary staff members we are offered many opportunities such as training courses to increase our knowledge.

“Calvary also offers benefits such as salary packaging and EAP which are not offered by other facilities.

“Even though we’ve gone through hardships, the support from staff and management is unbelievable. I would highly recommend Calvary to anyone. I can truly see the spirit of Calvary reflected in each face.”

Vivien McCoryVivien McCory – AIN – Inpatient Rehabilitation Unit

“I’m Vivien and have been at Calvary for 12 years fulltime.

“When I had my interview 12 years ago, I saw pet therapy dogs and patients’ dogs visiting the unit and thought to myself ‘I want this job’.

“I was impressed that Calvary acknowledged the importance animals and pets play in patients wellbeing.

“People always comment on the Spirit of Calvary. Working under the Mission and Values is very different to working in other Base health care organisations.

“We have a hairdresser, volunteers, diversional therapy, pet therapy, pastoral care and a multi-disciplinary team working together to create the best experience possible for our patients and they love it. We are here to support the families of patients who have had a life-changing experience, and we try to make the whole hospital experience less terrifying. I feel we are an approachable and caring nursing team.

“I have never worked in a health care organisation that provides this level of care and compassion. I really believe that working under Calvary’s Mission and Values makes a difference.

“Now, after 12 years, I am following my dream to own my own home and enjoy being a Grandma. I want to enjoy this beautiful life that we should all treasure. So I’m off on holidays and long service leave. My new home will be up the Central Coast so I won’t be back fulltime. Instead of resigning, I have decided to go casual, because I have built up longterm friendships with the Calvary Team. I still love the Mission and want to remain a part of it.”

Marilou Rapuza

“I have been working in the Ryde Retirement Community for over four years now. I enjoy working with my fellow carers, residents and the other staff. I find them very friendly, helpful, warm and supportive.

“The residents give me courage to understand what the future could be like for me. They challenge me in many ways but I have proved to them that I have the tolerance to stay and serve them while I am strong and capable.

“The staff have taught me how to be a good and effective worker by giving suggestions and advice.

“Calvary provides continued education through e-learning programs, monthly training, workshops and regular meetings.

“These are just some of the opportunities I have to improve my skills.”

Preety Maharjan – Care Service Employee

“I have been employed at Calvary since 2013 as a Care Service Employee. I’m very happy to be part of Calvary and I’m surprised and satisfied with the staff and their involvement in the care of Residents.

“At Calvary, I’m able to balance work and family life.

“After every shift I go home feeling good about what we provide our residents. I also enjoy the benefit of Maxxia, in salary packaging.

“The teamwork at Calvary could serve as an example to any organization. I appreciate the support given by management, educators, RN’s and care staff. Management is always ready to give training and education whenever it is needed by staff. I definitely see Calvary as my second home, full of friendly faces.

“In my view Calvary is committed to staff and to its mission. The Residents are very happy and I can see smiles on their faces. Relatives are nice and happy to see their loved ones are being well looked after.”

Jolyn MutumbaJolynn Mutumba – Clinical Coordinator

“I joined Calvary because I wanted to learn more about residential and palliative care. I was surprised at how lovely and caring the staff are towards the Residents.

“The Residents are lovely and pleasant and I feel like they are family already, even though I have only been here a short time.

“Many years ago I worked for a short period in a nursing home and in comparison this facility feels more like a home.

“People are treated more like family than Residents.”