Calvary Adelaide Hospital is located at 120 Angas St, Adelaide SA 5000.

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The maps below illustrate the different floors that make up Calvary Adelaide Hospital

CAH Ground floor
Main entrance, Emergency department, HPS Pharmacy, Dr Jones & Partners, Jamaica Blue Cafe

CAH Level 1

Chapel, consulting suites

CAH Level 2

Pre-admissions, Clinpath Pathology, Dr Jones & Partners, consulting suites

CAH Level 3

Day surgery

CAH Level 4 

Overnight stay and surgery

CAH Level 5

Administration, staff areas, consulting suites

CAH Level 6

Intensive care, Cardiac Unit

CAH Level 7

Rehabilitation areas, including hydrotherapy pool, gyms, mobility garden and McCann Ward

CAH Level 8

Potter and MacKillop wards

CAH Level 9

Hynes and Milne wards

CAH Level 10

Connery and Lynch wards

CAH level 11

Reynolds and McCarthy wards

Parking and transport