Emma Trippe

Today the world at large, looks at medical workers as an inspiration. What inspired you to take up this noble profession?

I’ve always wanted to be a Nurse since I was a young girl & I enjoy helping others in need & working in a team environment.

Nursing and midwifery is a selfless job, working long and odd hours. How do you balance work and family? How do you de-stress?

I have a supportive family and I’ve taught my daughters how to cook – and my husband how to rug my horse!

At work I’m surrounded by enthusiastic Healthcare workers who all have an avid interest in Infection Control which makes my duties interesting & manageable.

I’m originally from the city so just being & living in the countryside brings me great joy, surrounding myself with good friends , laughter, roses & delicious Riverina cuisine are key to my relaxed lifestyle. Perhaps I also squeeze in an early morning ride twice a week on my favourite horse!

Given the current situation with COVID-19, do you have any stories of ingenuity, support, compassion and kindness?

Covid-19 has been a challenging time for many & as an Infection Prevention & Control Nurse I recognise that the support & team work from my colleagues has been amazing, it also has ensured the high quality of care to our patients continues.

I was personally impressed with the cohesiveness of our workforce when it came to learning new material related to Covid19 & the ongoing changes related to the definitions and criteria showcasing not only their intelligence but also flexibility in these arduous times.

The staff have their patient’s best interests at heart and want to continue providing care and reassurance for them during this Covid19 season.

What is your advice to the younger generation who would like to pursue a career in nursing/midwifery?

Nursing is so diverse and it’s a great career, the World’s your Oyster!!

It has taught me resilience, patience, tolerance and given me the opportunity to have many diverse roles in my career.