Accreditation provides consistent and independent assurance

Accreditation of health services is a process through which services undergo external review against national and international standards in order to continuously improve quality of care.

All Calvary Hospitals are accredited using the National Safety & Quality Health Service Standards developed by the Australian Commission on Safety & Quality in Health Care (ACSQHC). These standards were introduced in 2013 to provide consistent and independent assurance about the quality and safety of healthcare services across Australia. From January 2019 the 2nd Edition of the National Safety & Quality Health Service Standards will commence.

All Calvary hospitals have received full accreditation

Calvary hospital services are either ISO 9001 certified or accredited against ACHS standards.

Current accreditation as at April 2018 is as follows.

ISO 9001 accredited facilities

3-year full accreditation:

  • Calvary Lenah Valley Hospital
  • Calvary North Adelaide Hospital
  • Calvary Rehabilitation Hospital
  • Calvary Central Districts
  • Calvary Community Care
  • Calvary John James Hospital
  • Calvary St. Johns Hospital
  • Calvary St Luke’s Hospital
  • Calvary St Vincent’s Hospital
  • Calvary Wakefield Hospital

Australian Council Healthcare Standards (ACHS) accredited facilities

3-year full accreditation:

  • Calvary ACT Private Hospital
  • Calvary Riverina Hospital
  • Calvary Health Care Bethlehem
  • Calvary Hospital Bruce
  • Calvary Health Care Sydney
  • Calvary Mater Newcastle

Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission (ACQSC) accredited services

3-year full accreditation for all Calvary Retirement Communities

  • CRC Ryde
  • CRC Cessnock
  • CRC Hunter-Manning
  • CRC South Australia