Exemplar Models

Exemplar models provide an opportunity to showcase Calvary service models, learnings, commitment to best practice and redesign within the aged care setting.

Exemplar models were identified by Calvary as sites leading the way in identifying gaps in service delivery and opportunities for improvement, then implementing solutions to improve patient care, patient experience and service delivery.

Current good practice findings from the exemplar site investigations have helped to inform the Calvary Model of Care for the care of older people, the PEARS Model of Care.

The Exemplar models provide a practical and real life example of how to apply the principles of the PEARS Model of Care.


Palliative Care Needs Rounds

The Palliative Care Needs Rounds Calvary Exemplars are:

Palliative Care Home Care

A Palliative Care Home Care Exemplar is Calvary North Adelaide Hospital Private Palliative Care Home Service.

Calvary North Adelaide Hospital Private Palliative Care Home Service Exemplar

Dementia Friendly Hospital

A Dementia Friendly Hospital Calvary Exemplar is Calvary Adelaide Hospital.

Dementia Friendly Hospital Calvary Exemplar, Calvary Adelaide Hospital


Memory Support Program

A Memory Support Program Exemplar is Calvary Southern Melbourne and Mornington Region.

Memory Support Program Exemplar